The Scarlet Logic Take 2

This has been discussed to death but I felt I should throw in a quick note that I hope gets across to most potential Scarlet buyers and for those arguing that the Scarlet is over priced. The Scarlet was NEVER made to be an upgrade from a 5D. That was NEVER RED’s target market. If you believe it was then clearly your thinking is a bit off. Why? Well the RED One was targeted at profesional cinema, aiming to take on Arri and the like whilst providing also an alternative to film or a digital version of film essentially. The EPIC was RED Ones next logical step that it couldn’t take because of the limitations such a form factor presented. So the target market is still the same. Now come Scarlet, people are thinking this is a ‘pro-sumer’ camera. This is how i’d see the 5D, the FS100 and the like. The C300 I’d say is potentially pro-sumer but more than like it’s just general a profesional camera.
How do you define the difference? Well, I’d assume the first step is features but that logical step also comes with pricing. The C300 is meant to be the step after the 5D according to Canon. The Scarlet is the profesional version of the 5D. In the sense that you start at the 5D and you move upwards. If your looking to jump from 5D to Scarlet, you’d need to have been making money off your 5D. Which if people are good at their job, they will probably be making money as a camera assist or whatever. You jump on the Scarlet and you purchase the required bits and pieces, lets say 8-12 redvolts and 4 x 128GB/64GB cards. Along side the rest of the stuff. The purpose of getting a Scarlet is to make money. If anyone is saying ‘90% won’t see their money back’ which clearly is being said here, then you need to re-evaluate the way you look at Scarlet. People can rent the Scarlet or rent themselves along with the Scarlet, clients will happily pay to rent the Scarlet if that means you get the services of an awesome DoP/DIT or Cameraman. This is the thing, your selling yourself or the camera, either one or both. This is the same you’d have done with the 5D or you’d do with the EPIC or Arri or any other camera. The method is no different.

Whats the point? You should, if your purchasing a product of any sort, know the cost, do your research and understand the financial ramifications and how you are going to make that money back. If its a hobby, then you clearly have that kind of money to make it a hobby. That’s fine. If its a business, you have done everything correctly if you understand what this camera means to your business. This is NOT for those that think ‘I’ll purchase this after my 5D when I have JUST enough for a ‘the package’. No. There are plenty of discussions around on this but people should know what your getting yourself into before you purchase. If you are coming from a 5D, then you would’ve been making money WITH the 5D. You would also know then the difference in data streams and the various technical aspects and what it takes to run a camera like this since it is NO 5D. It is also no 1080p camera. The Scarlet shoots RAW R3D. You are not limited by any color space you are not limited by meta data mistakes made on set. You are limited by your ability to be a profesional, present a white balance card, light the scene or handle the camera. Handle the data. These are your limitations. The camera takes out the limitations that would happen if you shot anything but RAW. That is what you are paying for is the ability to shoot RAW. Above all you are paying to future proof your work. Yes, no one has 1080p displays but clearly if people don’t believe there will be anything other than 1080p you are short sighted. It’s different if you can’t afford more than 1080p…no one is saying that. What is said though that if you can afford to shoot 4K, you probably should if your work is valuable enough that you’d like to see it in 1080p. Future proof your work. Present in 1080p now, when the TV marketing teams start firing up again for 4K, just switch over to 4K. Pretty simple. Your work stays current. It’s like saying Blu-Ray is pointless. Well yeah to most it is but then why did they re-master Back to the Future,Blade runner and so on to Blu-ray? To keep it current and to sell it again with the 1080p generation of TVs. Its marketing that will kill 1080p. It’s also arguably greed of TV manufacturers but RED team know this and so does Canon. Start in 4K now. Finish in 1080p now. Update to 4K when the fires begin. Sell the same thing twice but marketed on the updated quality. I’m pretty sure they will re-master stuff to be in 4K but you can’t remaster a 1080p shot film to be in 4K now can you?

(Sorry this is so long but its such a ridiculous logic to think that people won’t earn money from this camera or to think that people can’t afford stuff. That’s almost like saying people dont have the time for things…people have the same amount of time in a day.Its just how they order their priorities for that time. Same with the money, if your purchasing, you know the amount, the potential cost etc. work it out. go with worst case scenario work towards that. hope for the best.)

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